Cross Flow Cooling Tower

we are advanced in providing a world class assortment of Pultruded Fiber Glass Crossflow Cooling Towers to our patrons. Fabricated and developed in association with the advance market trends and advancements, these provided products are highly acknowledged. Furthermore, these are available with us in many sizes and stipulations to accomplish highest level of client gratification and trust.Unlike counter flow cooling tower, air flows through the fills horizontally and water falls down vertically. Cross flow cooling tower are filled by splash type fillings, which are suitable for the application where water has higher suspended particles. Non compatibility of film type fills is a drawback of cross flow type cooling towers.


  • Low pumping head, thus lower operational cost.
  • Accepts variations in water flow without changing the distribution system.

  • Easy maintenance access to vital parts.
  • Reduced drift loss due to the absence of water droplets.
  • Lower in noise due to absence of water noise.
  • Larger foot print of the tower.
  • Large air inlet surface makes icing difficult to control.
  • Tendency of uneven air distribution through the infill due to the large inlet surface.

cross flow cooling tower

Features Of Cross Flow cooling tower

  • Exceptional Chemical & corrosion resistant to acids ,alkalis, sea /brackish water.

  • High impact strength and rigidity allows deformation without fracture.

  • Inert to biological and micro organisms attack. Tendency to algae growth is negligible.

  • High temperature resistance makes it ideal for high temperature process cooling.

  • Resistant to toughest weather conditions, be it ultra violet rays, sunlight, sand storm, snow falling, acid rains.

  • Very low deposition of scale, algae as the surface is smooth.

  • High fire resistance (flame spread rate is less than 25), hence no need for costly fire protection system.

  • Excellent cost economics due to low installation cost, reduction erection time compared to concrete.

  • Much longer life than wood, steel and minimal maintenance.

  • Tensile and compression strength equivalent to steel.

  • Light weight, hence minimizes foundation cost and loads, which is very important in many applications like Middle East and Sand soil.

  • Excellent creep and fatigue performance due to high glass content.

  • The cooling towers can be installed on pier less RCC basin = Low cost & Faster construction.

  • The cooling towers are techno economical as they are cheaper to RCC and slightly expensive to timber towers.