Welltech Cooling Towers introducing advanced cross flow PVC packing fills sheet products for all brands and origins with several profiles and sheet spaces including (USA – Far east – EU…etc) which servicing chemical, food industries, water & air cooling.Welltech Cooling Tower is combining between accumulated experience and elite suppliers.our cooling tower Parts is servicing many mega-size cooling tower projects, providing a total solution of detailed design, production for the process industry, water treatment industry and more.

Cross flow fills

This fill virtually eliminates the nuisance caused by drift spotting on adjacent buildings and property. For additional savings, the drift eliminators discharge air directly toward the fan. Discharge air, traveling in the right direction when it leaves the eliminators, translates to lower fan horsepower.Louvers are also integrally molded within the fill sheets preventing water from escaping and assuring precise air distribution throughout wide variations in airflow. Unlike towers equipped with separate external louvers, this fill operates virtually ice-free even in extremely cold weather.