Month: December 31, 2019

energy efficient cooling towers

Energy Efficient cooling Towers

Introduction: Energy Efficient Cooling Towers are provide the cooling for air-conditioning, manufacturing processes, or power generation by utilizing the evaporation...

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Louver cooling Towers

Louver Cooling Towers

Introduction: Louver cooling towers are the louvers minimize splash out while maximizing the amount of airflow into the cooling tower....

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Frp box shape cooling towers

FRP Cooling Towers

Introduction FRP Cooling towers are withstand corrosion, resist water borne bacteria’s and organisms and it is light in weight, vertical...

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Box Shape Cooling Towers

Introduction: Box Shape Cooling Towers designed especially for an alternative to round model for selection to our buyers. Its consists...

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RCC Cooling Towers

Introduction RCC Cooling Towers RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) Cooling Tower. These cooling towers are developed and designed using concrete cement...

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Aerodynamic Cooling Towers

Introduction: Aerodynamic Cooling Towers on the local low-level concentration of pollutants emitted from nearby stacks were investigated in a wind...

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cooling copper coils

Coil Cooling Towers

Introduction: Coil cooling tower is a pioneering product in Design & manufacture of FRP Cooling towers. We are continuously striving...

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