Evaporator Coils in Tank Chiller

Welltech Cooling Towers are known for making engineering solution which results in unique technology to manufacture, design and commissioning of all kind of non-traditional cooling towers, heat exchangers and chillers. Our products are accepted widely by domestic and in International Market. We set ourself an high standrad parameters for the fabrication quality and speed delivery.The Welltech Cooling Towers-Evaporator Coils In Tank Chiller range include a fully integrated buffer tank for close temperature control and chilled water circulation pump, all uniquely designed in a packaged system that can reduce on site footprint and installation costs.The Evaporator Coils In Tank Chillers are suitable for many applications including Plastics, Food manufacturing, Mining safety showers, Concrete batch plants, Medical machinery cooling.The unique design of the evaporator provides a big advantage, capable of supplying chilled water directly out at 0 deg C, without the requirement of an anti-freezing agent (Glycol) to prevent the water from freezing.Chillers can be customised for water flow and pressure operating temperature and for corrosive environments. For use in a variety of industrial and process applications including plastics, food manufacturing, mining safety showers, concrete batch plants and to cool hospital machinery.


  • Insulated stainless steel thermal buffer tank
  • Supply water pump
  • Internal water bypass valve
  • Refrigeration system
  • Scroll, screw or reciprocating compressor
  • Air cooled epoxy coated refrigeration condenser
  • Coils in tank style evaporator
  • Digital temperature controller
  • All motor starters and controls
  • IP55 electrical cabinet
Evaporator Coils in tank Chiller
Split Unit Chiller

Optional customisation

  • Very high or low water (glycol) temperature (sub zero chilled water supply)

  • Suitable materials for operating in hot, dusty and corrosive environments

  • Ducted installations
  • Variable speed drives in Evaporator Coils in Tank Chiller
  • Site electrical or control specifications
  • Duty/Standby Pump configuration
  • Close (+/- 0.1°C) temperature control