Filter Dryers


A filter dryer is a piece of process equipment used during the filtration and drying phase of a pharmaceutical, bio pharmaceutical or chemical process for an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) or other compounds production. Filter Dryers are designed for washing and isolating solids with or without integrated containment systems.Welltech Cooling Towers supplies batch nutsche filters and filter dryers for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, chemical and food industries, where thermal solid-liquid separation takes place. They are versatile units designed for multipurpose production facilities.The typical process includes filling, filtering, drying, cooling, discharging and cleaning.

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  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API and HAPI)
  • Agrochemical products
  • Extraction processes
  • Purification processes
  • Convection drying

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  • Production Scale Filter/Dryers
  • Pilot Scale Filter/Dryers
  • Manual Nutsche Filters
  • Laboratory Scale Filters
  • Filtration Systems