A Glycol Chillers is the heart of a glycol system. It is a refrigeration system which is used for cooling a tub or bath of an antifreeze. This liquid is pumped through a looped circuit of tubing which is linked to the input and output of the glycol chiller. It is your cooling line. For every utensil, you want to be cooled like the heat exchanger to the inlet and outlet legs of the cooling line. Once it is connected, now glycol will move through the heat-exchanger and cool the vessel.

Glycol Chillers

Controlling the Flow

Glycol is chilled under the freezing point of water which makes it effective for cooling. To maintain a temperature higher than freezing, you require adjusting the flow rate of the glycol chillers by using a heat exchanger. It can be done manually as well as automatically.You can do this manually by inserting a shut-off valve and opening or closing as it requires, you can regulate the temperature of the liquid. However, you need to monitor it consistently to make it work.You can do this automatically by using a temperature controlled solenoid valve. It is the most preferred way to effectively control the temperature. You need to connect the temperature controlled solenoid valve into the tubing leading and then to the heat-exchanger. After that, you need to place the temperature probe into liquid. You can program the temperature you would like to cool down the wine to be at. Solenoid valve automatically gets opened and closed and retain the set temperature.

Choosing the Cooling Equipment for Your Application

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