Industrial Custom Chillers


With unsurpassed reliability and a chiller design that has been proven in thousands of installations worldwide, Our Welltech cooling tower Custom-Design Industrial Chiller features extraordinary capacity through advanced technology that is the end result of over 50 years of pioneering experience. Industrial Custom Chillers business philosophy is built on the belief that innovation has no limits. Industrial Custom Chillers engineers work with only the highest quality components to create custom solutions based on customers’ needs.


Your industry has specific refrigeration needs that can’t always be met with run-of-the-mill technology. When a standard machine will not fit your particular application, Welltech cooling tower can build the unit you need.

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You may require a custom unit for any of the following reasons:
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Physical – Physical configuration of a machine to fit your installation

  • Special controls, instrumentation, or electrics relating to your application

  • Special components (pumps, motors, compressors, tanks) providing different capacities

  • Unusual temperature requirements
  • Unique safety features
  • Company-specified paints and finishes



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Corrosion Resistance to the Environment

By using stainless steel frames and covers; and To The Coolant by using exotic materials to prevent corrosion of the coolant circuit. Though Welltech cooling tower standard units employ all stainless steel and copper in contact with your coolant, specialized materials are available -cupro-nickel for use with sea water, plastic piping or stainless steel for deionized water.


Special Electrical Specifications

Explosion-proof electrics are necessary for situations where the chiller must operate in hazardous atmospheres. Where hazardous conditions always exist (Div.1 specification), special electricals are mandated. When the hazardous conditions do not always exist (Div. 2 specification), purged or pressurized electrical enclosures offer the required safety at reasonable cost.

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Unique Configurations

If your application requires a physical configuration that is different, Welltech cooling tower can accommodate individual needs. The cover photo shows a special workstation arrangement required by a machine tool manufacturer for cooling a high-speed spindle. Other unique configurations include designs to fit inside the customer’s system.


Special Controls

Chiller units can be controlled in unique ways. Remote sensors can monitor process parameters and control the cooling to make the process operate in the optimum manner. Remote controls allow placement of chillers in distant locations, whereas the controls can remain in a more convenient place.