Modular Air Cooled Chillers

The Modular Air Cooled Chillers are super compact industrial chillers, specifically designed to build complete systems with multiple chillers, connecting them in series (MultiStage) or in parallel. They uniquely combine high cooling capacities with high energy efficiency. Each unit is equipped with a single refrigeration circuit, rotary compressor (with Inverter as an option), remote air cooled condenser and integral digital controller. The wide range covers every need from 150 to 600 kW (43 to 171 tons) cooling capacity per unit with inverter as an option.Compact. Flexible. Efficient. For almost thirty years, Welltech Cooling Towers has led the industry with modular designs for the replacement market, critical cooling redundancy needs, and custom applications for sound and efficiency. Welltech Cooling Towers’s standard air cooled modular product line ranges from 10 to 840 tons. Welltech Cooling Towers also offers air cooled split units with remote condensers and air to water heat pumps in the modular platform. Package your air cooled chiller with free cooling, pumps, glycol feeders, and many other hydronic accessories for ease of installation.


  • Super compact: maximum cooling capacity compared to the footprint.

  • Low charge of refrigerant gas: maximum capacity capacity per kg (lb).

  • High energy efficiency: the highest EER in all working conditions.

  • High installation flexibility with remote condensation.
  • High reliability: units built and tested in the factory.
  • Microprocessor control with self-diagnostics.


  • High efficiency rotary compressors with variable capacity.
  • Option with inverter on screw compressors (continuous modulation from 25% to 100%).

  • Oversized stainless steel plate evaporator in Modular Air Cooled Chillers.
  • Remote air cooled condenser with stainless steel frame and EC fans.

  • Electronic thermostatic valve.
  • Electronic pressure transducers and anti-freeze protection.

Maintenance Features

  • Monitoring all control and security data in real time communicating with BAS

  • Timely alarm and measures to common errors.
  • Less maintenance on water pump system by hydronic kit.
  • Standardized components bring easy replacement or repair.

Installation Features

  • Outdoor hydronic module including all necessary hydronic components.

  • Unit connected in lateral direction only, ease of water piping connection.

  • Systematic factory operation test before shipment