Timber Cooling Towers Manufactures

We at Welltech Cooling Towers offer world class solution for your timber cooling tower or wooden cooling tower requirements. We only construct 100% result oriented timber cooling system as per your specification. We are very much updated with world standards by getting our company into CTI Cooling Tower Institue Member. So we manufacturer of timber type cooling system and knows as wooden cooling system manufacturers in India. Our products are having very good mechanical strength and durable with wonderfull efficient atmospheric cooling system and mechanical cooling towers.

Welltech Cooling Towers leading manufacturer of timber cooling system India.Timber Cooling Towers are useful for air conditioning plants, induction furnace, injection moulding machine, chemical plants, chilling plants, oxygen plants and also for steel industries, cement industries and chemical industries. These depends upon the site condition you can prepare the model of the tower. It can be used for which quantity of water-cooling by extending the size, then lengths by increasing the Standard Size Pressure treated wooden Frames. The woods used for manufacturing the Cooling Towers are completely seasoned chemically treated, lightwood. The Drift Eliminator, Fan duct, Splash bars and complete Structures are made out of the same wood.



  • Timber Cooling Towers manufactured by CASE are highly durable and can withstand corrosive atmospheric condition.

  • A tower is designed for high water flow-rates beginning from 1000 M3/Hr and above.

  • Temperature 4°C To 30°C
  • 2 Cell Timber Cooling Tower
  • 3 Cell Timber Cooling Tower
  • 5 TR T0 1000 TR
  • Uniform water spraying
  • Fow Rate from 5 M3/Hr To 500 M3/Hr


Wooden Cooling Towers come in both Counter Flow and Cross Flow Design with options of wooden splash bars, PVC, V bars, C bars fill media complete designed as per client and application requirements.


This type of cooling tower is generally used in Power Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Sugar Plants, Ferro-Alloy plants, cement plants etc.