Tube bundles are rectangular in shape and usually 6–12 ft wide. Since tube bundles are factory assembled and shipped to the plant site, maximum bundle width is limited by transportation requirements. (In the US the maximum load width for truck transport is 14 ft in most states, but in some states it is only 12 ft.) The tubes are either welded to or rolled into long rectangular tubesheets that are welded to box-type headers. Both front and rear headers are equipped with screwed plugs that are aligned with the tube holes.The plugs can be removed to provide access to the tubes for cleaning and other maintenance.

Tube Bundles


Tube bundles for heat exchanger equipment can be constructed for liquid-to-liquid or steam-to-liquid applications. The bundles can be used for applications including industrial processes and commercial water heating or cooling. The tube bundles are built from 10- or 20-gauge copper or cupronickel tubes, carbon steel, or brass tube sheets.

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